Welcome To Your True Heart's Desire
Core Passion Assessment!

This is the way to get crystal clear on what makes you, YOU. It’s what answers the question, “Why do I do that?”

I won’t bore you with the intricate details that really won’t really make any sense to you until you’ve experienced the assessment yourself. That’s the amazing thing about truth and freedom. People can point them out to you for years, but until you are ready to finally jump in and take a swim, it’s all just words without personal significance!

So suffice it to say, the basics are as simple and easy as most truths generally tend to be. There are “Twelve Core Passions” that we all share, to one degree or another. These passions are much like qualities or characteristics that we naturally are driven by and excel in, such as Leadership, Independence, Creativity, etc.

“What truly amazed me about the Passion Assessment is how it pinpointed what has been driving me to do what I do, what lights my fire. It answered the question of why I am attracted to certain activities, projects, and careers. I now recognize and appreciate my gifts for what they are, acknowledge the challenge that comes with them, and design my life around them. In fact, since taking the assessment and through coaching, not only has my message been more defined, but the impact I want to make and how I go about it is more satisfying”.
-Valerie Zumbrusch www.picturemyhealth.com

What makes each of us absolutely unique is the specific percentage of each of the twelve passions, coming together to combine in a symbiotic whole to make us who we inherently are at our deepest level! It’s the “Top Five” passions that provide the maximum drive in our lives to go a particular direction and live life in a certain, “one of a kind” manner.

What exactly does that mean to YOU?

It means that instead of having that constant, “half empty feeling that something’s missing, you will now have the doorway to your very own inner sanctum opened up to you. Suddenly all things will become perfectly crystal clear. You will then see a brand new life ahead, self created by effortlessly and expertly expressing your natural abilities, personal strengths, instinctive skills, innate aptitudes and inner gifts that will finally bring purpose and meaning to your life experiences!

"The key to understanding your true heart's desire is to first discover the innate gifts and desires that have been given to you. When you know who you are, you know what to do in order to live a life of meaning and purpose."
- Michelle Mattsen

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